Tuesday, January 22, 2013

physical therapy

today was my first day back to physical therapy since october
and obviously since the surgery.
it took a bucket load of self talk and motivation to get me out the door 
and up to physical therapy.
(okay, maybe it took some retail therapy to really get me going
-new shoes help anytime)

i walked in and felt like i had never left.
everyone was very kind asking how the surgery went
and asking what they verdict was and so forth.
i was ready to go at it,
full force.
and then they measured to see how far i can bend my leg.
my motivation dropped some when they measured and i could only get to 75°
i quickly found the motivation again and was ready for the exercises.

it was painful and i wanted to cry
several times.
when i finished the exercises 
it was time to work with the physical therapist.
she just worked on bending my knee, 
and trying to get some of my motion back and loosen up the knee.
i came very very close to crying at this point.
i wanted to cry even more when she measured it and i could only bend it to 97°
especially after the therapist didn't seem all to thrilled about it.

i am fully aware that i am only 5 weeks post-op
and fully aware that it is going to take a lot of time, and hard work to get better.
sometimes the realization of things is hard. 
i allowed myself to only look at the negative,
but i need to start looking at the positive..
after only one hour of working on it i increased my motion by 22°
which i should really celebrate. 

i think i'll go back tomorrow,
with a better attitude,
and the will to work my toosh off

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  1. Looking at the positive is so so hard to do most days. I'm so sorry that you have had so much trouble with this. Props for challenging yourself to have a better attitude. I'll keep you in my prayers.