Saturday, March 2, 2013

a photo {shoot}

today, i did a little photo shoot with Kaytlin.  we have been planning to do this shoot for awhile.  but every time we have planned to go it has turned from gorgeous weather to nasty snowy weather in 2.5 seconds.  today finally offered us the perfect amount on sunshine, warm temperatures, and little wind to head for a shoot.
we had two locations, er three locations in mind, but happily settled on using just the one location after we saw the frozen lake.  daybreak lake is one of my favorite places to take pictures, but by golly it may be my absolute favorite place for winter shoots, that frozen lake was spectacular.
there is more to this shoot than just a simple photo shoot.  it may be silly, but this photo shoot really boosted my self esteem a little, and i saw just how far i have come in regards to my knee surgery recovery.

and all the realization started as i was taking this picture...

i know, you're probably all thinking,'s a pictures so....what?
well guys, ya see, she's squatting, and the picture is eye level, do you know what that means?
that means that i was squatting,
big deal, right?
um...yeah BIG DEAL to me. 
i haven't been able to take a picture at this angle without being in severe pain, or being scared that my knee would lock up and i would be stuck in that position for close to two years.
after i took this picture i put my camera down and exclaimed 
"oh my heck, i'm squatting!"
it was enough to make me want to cry, in fact i still feel like i could cry.
such a small, simple, thing, that is taken for granted so much! but being able to feel like i can go back to do the thing that i love the most, without feeling limited, is such an incredible feeling.  i love photography, but i avoided it for awhile, because of the strain it can be.  i didn't realize how much i was allowing the pain, and the fear of my knee to control my life.  i stopped doing a lot of things and avoiding even more because of it.
i guess you could say today was a turning point. here's to two more photo shoots this next week!
photography, i am back, and i have never felt happier!

and now, just because i am in love with kaytlin's pictures, here are a few more...or a lot more :)


  1. Jana, you are so talented! And your friend is beautiful! :)

  2. This post made me SO happy for you. A lot of people don't understand how monumental little things, like being able to bend down, mean to us. For me, its being able to eat without getting sick, or going up the stairs without fainting. So many little things that people take for granted, can be the biggest accomplishment for those who struggle with health or injuries. So I understand why being able to take a picture squating down meant so much to you! It made me so extremely happy for you!

    I just found your blog today, and went through a lot of your posts! Your blog is darling! I look forward to being an avid reader of your blog!