Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{rainy} days {gloomy} days

call me crazy,
but i love rainy weather.
i love it with my whole heart.
i admit, i love sunny weather, but give me rain showers for week and i will be just fine
(i keep telling my family i want to live in oregon or washington, partially for the fact that it rains a lot there, and it's foggy, and green) 
but i digress.
rainy weather,
today was a grey day in utah.
rain looked promising, but there were only a few small droplets of rain that fell.
i was fine with the grey weather.
i had a friend approach me on campus today
(because yes, i was on campus!)
and he said, "Jana, whats with the grey weather outside!" 
"meh..I like it!" was my response
i think i sometimes really like this weather because it fits my mood, a lot of the time.
not to say that i'm not a cheerful person,
because i am, or else i like to think i am.
most people associate rain with sadness and depressing thoughts,
but seriously, even though it can be a bit depressing 
there is nothing better than a nice rain fall to clear the air,
literally and figuratively.
when i am struggling the greatest, i just want a storm to roll in
so i can sit at the window, watch it pour, and have life make a little more sense with each rain drop that falls down the window.
walking through a rain storm, is revitalizing! 
jumping in puddles? greatest thing ever!
rainbows, signs of hope!
anyways..thats how i feel about rainy and gloomy days.  look at them as happy days!

i must have been in a mellow mood today,
because i turned on the joshua radin station on pandora and everything seemed to be put in place.
mellow music, rainy weather = one thought searching Jana.

and in case you need some good tunes...

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