Saturday, March 23, 2013

a {wedding} and a {reunion}

one of my dearest friends Alli J got married today. 
i had the absolute pleasure and honor of photography the wedding for her
i could not have been more thrilled for her
she was a stunning bride and her and her new husband Rian were glowing!
Love ya Alli!

The Bride and I

Me, Kaytlin, Alli, and Kylee

Oh ya know, just chillin' in the kitchen eatin' lemon bars

also this evening i was able to have a quick reunion with one of my all time favorite people in the world.
the lady in the picture below, is Dani.
she was my young women leader pretty much the entire time i was in young women's.
but honestly, she was far more than a leader
she was my role model.
i always wanted to hang out with her at activities instead of the girls my own age.
she was like an older sister to me.
in fact, i remember one of the girls was on a basketball team,
i went to a few of her games, but one day i went with Dani and her husband Dave.
as we sat on the bleachers someone that I knew came up to me and asked if Dani was my sister,
we thought it quite comical so we went along with it and said that we were indeed sisters.
Dani has done more for me than most, 
even if it is just through her words or her actions.
She currently lives in Germany but was in Utah for some family things, and she happens to be Alli's cousin so I was able to see her for a brief second at the wedding. 
It was a lovely reunion!

We could pass as sisters, right?


  1. That looks like so much fun, Jana! Your friend was a beautiful bride.


  2. You are awesome! Thanks for being such an wonderful friend! Sure do love you!