Monday, April 15, 2013

a mile a minute ramblings


first off; i want to begin by saying how terribly heart broken i am over the bombings in boston today.
i did not know anyone personally who was there, but i have many friends and family members who are avid runners and i just kept thinking, "it could have been them" 
my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been effected by this terrible tragedy, and the city of boston in general. (if you know me, you know i have a love of boston, even though i've never been there.)

second; i just really liked this quote.  and who doesn't need a little cheering up from the best "neighbor" around. 

third; it's no secret that i wanted to go to california for the summer. my little mind was making some pretty huge plans for myself.  i was going to go to disneyland, i imagined getting to know my aunt and uncle better (assuming they'd let me stay with them), i was planning on buying a ticket to the Red Sox vs. LA Angels game to make a dream come true, i was going to do some changing. so, i went and started preparing. i bought luggage. i got a job to give me money to go. it was done, well almost.  things are changing and it's looking like i won't be going to california at all. no disneyland. no baseball game. nothing.  the hardest part of all of this, isn't that i'm not going. it's that i'm staying. (oxymoron? perhaps.) see i've been comparing my life to my friends. some are graduating. some are getting married. some are getting engaged.  some are traveling, and traveling a lot. but i'm just here. still going to school. obviously not getting married, or engaged, or dating for that fact. and now, i'm not traveling. it's hard to sit back and watch everyone's lives change and yours just seems to stay the same.  california was going to be my change. it was going to be my "big life moment". but now, i'm on the hunt for something else to help that change. something closer to home. perhaps, it will be just being content with here.

fourth; sometimes a friend will say something you didn't know you needed to hear, but then you realize you needed to hear it.  i was blessed with a very excellent best friend. who became best friends with an incredible guy, who in turn, after some time, became one of my closest friends. chase is amazing, and has helped me with so much in the past.  chase recently got engaged and so things obviously, haven't been the same. when i was in provo last i made it a point to stop in and say hi to him. that was a few weeks ago.  tonight, out of the blue, he texted me.  he was just checking in, and showing his gratitude for our friendship and such. usually messages like that come at times when i'm down in the dumps and need some pulling out, but tonight i was just fine. but i realized that those few words of "i'm grateful for your example" are useful anytime, even when you're smiling from ear to ear.

fifth; i am grateful for friends who express their gratitude of a changed relationship, especially when you've wondered if they really value your friendship.  guys, it's amazing what a simple "i'm glad we hung out" and an "of course, i'd talk to you." can do.  don't forget to tell people you appreciate them.

finally just to throw in some humor tonight;
i attended fhe tonight. it was our stake talent show, normally these are an "attend at your own risk" type of event. you never know what kind of talent will be performed.  but, it was all really really good tonight! so many incredible singers, and dancers, and bikers, and every other kind of talent. however, here's the humorous part.  i got to the church at the same time as a guy in my ward did.  we parked by each other, and then obviously walked towards the door at the same time, we didn't talk, until i walked up the stairs and went to open the door, at which point he ran up the stairs and tried to get to the door before me.... alas, i beat him to the door, and when i opened the door he said "i was going to open that for you, i promise i was!" ("um..okay? thanks? i guess?" was my thought) anyways, we ended up sitting on the same row as each other, and exchanged a few words as i got up to get a drink.  talent show ends, i mingle a bit and then head home.  as i'm walking out of the gym, i run into this guy again, and he apparently can't remember which door he came in because he said he needed to follow me to find his car. so off we go, back through the parking lot, the whole time he is repeating my name so he can remember it, he promises he isn't doing it to annoy me, to which i respond, "it's okay, i get that all the time." (because i do, apparently "jana jana jana jana jana jana" is super fun to say) we laughed some at the realization that is indeed fun to say my name, and then laughed some more when he exclaims someone took his car, just because he can't find it.  goodbyes are said, he pulls out of the parking spot, i start to pull out of mine, and he ever so kindly stops right in front of my car so i can't leave, and sits there and smiles, then laughs and drives off. so naturally i follow him home. 

(okay i don't intentionally follow him home, we just apparently live close to each other and choose to take the same route home...)
the end.

oooo even though this post is long, go read 
article. it is amazing. so good. so useful. so inspired!


  1. I am sooo glad you commented on my insta so that I could find your blog! You went to JHS? I am so excited to keep reading and get to know you better!

    1. Glad you enjoy my blog!! I really enjoy reading yours! I did go to JHS, I graduated in '09!