Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday musings

Have you ever had a Sunday, where almost every lesson at church, or every testimony that is shared applies to everything your little brain has been working through for weeks.  Yeah? No? Well, I just had one of those days.  It wasn't that I learned anything that was new to me, or that I received an answer to a prayer.  It was more I received confirmation to answers that I have already received and accepted.  It was the kind of day that feels you with the hope that you had in the bottom of your heart that you can indeed move forward in life.

  • Heavenly Father knows where you need to be.  Whenever I think about this, I think about the time I moved home from Snow College on a whim.  I left behind amazing friends and an amazing life.  I came home, to the room I grew up in and the same friends I'd had since middle school.  Things weren't the same.  It took some time, and some pressure to attend the singles ward before I saw a change, and before I met the people who are now in my life, that I couldn't imagine life without.  Someone much wiser than I knew where I needed to be.  But in the present time, it deals more with this summer.  We all know by now that I didn't want to be in Utah for the summer.  I prayed about moving, and it felt right, it all seemed like a good idea.  But then school came along and changed those plans, and now, staying in Utah feels like the right thing to do.  I don't know why things changed, but Utah is where I'm meant to be this summer.  Heavenly Father knows that, and maybe, if I'm supposed to, I'll know why as well.
  • The purpose of this life is simple.  We are here to find joy. (2nd Nephi 2:25)  I think in the confusion of this big world we live in, we forget that we are supposed to find happiness.  It can be hard when the world is in such turmoil and despair to realize that it's okay to be happy.  Imagine that, being happy!  It's so so so simple.  Don't let the small things get you done.  If you're struggling with being happy, find one thing that makes you happy and hold on to it for dear life.  Eventually you'll find happiness everywhere.  A quote that was mentioned in someones testimony went something like this.. "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong."  Enjoy this life, it's what it's meant for!
  • My last little long jumbled thought came from our Relief Society lesson.  It was based off of this talk by President Eyring in the 2012 October General Conference.  As wonderful as the entire talk is, I really loved when he talked about the Lord's timetable.  I've mentioned before that I have many close friends who are getting married this summer, and I have a friend graduating with her bachelors degree this week.  Many times I have caught myself saying "Why not me?"  "Why I am not making this progression in my life?"  "What am I doing wrong to prevent these things from happening?"  Especially when it comes to the thoughts of marriage...guys it's hard to sit back and watch your friends start families and you're just here like...well that was a fun reception!  The other day I was driving somewhere and I caught myself saying, "Oh my gosh, I'm so old, why am I not married yet?!?!"  Then that small voice inside whispered, stop.  First, I'm not old.  Twenty-two is far from old.  So so so far from old.  But here's the thing, within the "Mormon culture" marriage is such a big thing, that I think a lot of girls feel like if they're not married by twenty-one, then something is wrong.  Before the mission age change, it was always, if girls aren't married by twenty-one then they can serve a mission if they wish.  So I think it just made girls think that they had to be married by twenty-one.  (anyone agree? or am I crazy?)  Then I started to realize some more things, I have a handful of friends right now who are twenty-five and older.  A number of them are thirty, or close to thirty.  They're not married, and they are okay.  They are enjoying their lives!  They are traveling the world, and accomplishing dreams.  It really helps me to have such positive people to look to and say okay, just because everyone else my age is getting married I'll be okay not getting married with them.  Just as Heavenly Father knows where we need to be, he knows when we need things to happen in our lives.  They may come now, later, or in the next life, but we will never be denied the blessings that have been promised to us if we stay faithful.  We need to learn to accept the Lord's timetable, and His will.  As I was writing notes in my Sunday journal during class, I flipped back to the front of my notebook and saw this quote.  "Stop living you life backwards."  Basically, stop looking so far into the future that you forget to live you life now.  I also looked back at my conference notes to see what I wrote down while President Eyring was talking and this stuck out to me a lot "The Lord's delays seem to be long, but His timing is always perfect.  The delays aren't times to be lonely angry, or impatient."  It's okay that I'm not done with school and it's okay that I am far from being married.  It'll happen, and it will happen when the Lord knows I am ready for it. 
Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. girl i feel ya! now that 19 year olds can go on missions i feel like i need to either be getting married or going on a mission. And Im only NINETEEN! such a great reminder! I love sundays that are full of inspiration and confirmation.