Friday, May 24, 2013

A {mini} vacation

it was the spur of the moment vacation.
very spur of the moment,
and one that didn't last long at all, but it was a swell vacation.

savannah and i decided that we would take a speed trip to....
boy was it fantastic.
riding the train like we knew what we were doing,
through the european countryside.
seeing the farmlands of the netherlands, or was it norway?
throwing our stuff down on the table by our seats on the train 
like we had just backpacked in from germany.
seeing the windmills in holland.
and ending the speed trip with a quick bite to eat at a lovely french cafe,
just down from the eiffel tower.

not really.
see my friend liz is going camping up in yellowstone this weekend.
but see here's the thing, she is from pennsylvania, living in provo to go to school.
therefore she was in need of camping gear.
i had just driven down and back to provo on tuesday and didn't really want to use the gas up to go back down, but i had all the stuff she needed.
then voila,
i remembered i can ride the train for free.
[thank you bus pass]
so i bribed savannah a little and got her to come with me.
i told her i felt like i was homeless, or like i was backpacking through europe.
but here's where it gets better,
the train was packed, so we literally had to cram all of that stuff into a very small space,
and we did in fact end up laying it all on the table in front of us eventually.
if you've never ridden the frontrunner before
i encourage you to go find the nearest station, hope and enjoy the first class version of trax.
maybe i have an active imagination, or maybe i really just want out of utah right now.
or perhaps its that riding a train, in utah, seems a bit bizarre.
but there is a part of the ride, as you're going around the point of the mountain,
where you can't see anything but hillsides and a little river.
no traffic, no houses, nothing.
i usually end up feeling like i've traveled out of utah for five seconds, and then it's back to reality.
i told savannah about this,
and either she really understood what i was talking about or she's that good of a friend that she would go along with my crazy thought.
but we pretended for that short moment, that we were in fact not in utah.
and it may have gone a bit longer as we sat at wendy's to eat some dinner,
and decided that we were at a french cafe.
may seem strange...but it made for a fun evening adventure!

if only frontrunner ran to st. george i would be one happy girl.
even though it would probably take FOREVER
going to st george for free?!? that sounds swell.
because i really really really miss it.

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  1. Jana, you crack me up! Start saving now to travel the world. You can do it!!