Monday, May 13, 2013

i left this post untitled because i"m not really sure what i am going to write about.
i just know i need to write.
i took a moment to look back through some of my blog posts today.
i got to the posts from october where the physical therapists first told me they thought i had torn my meniscus. then i kept reading to the date i scheduled the surgery,
the posts right after the surgery, the posts a month after, and the posts when i started therapy.
it was hard for me to read those.
i sat here and almost started crying. 
those were some hard times. we're coming up on one year since my knee got stuck so bad that i went to the doctor for the first time.
i learned a lesson in patience and most importantly in not giving up. 
those first few weeks after surgery were long. 
the first few times i walked down the stairs to leave my house were terrifying and painful.
therapy was a nightmare and painful.
but you guys, i made it.
i'm walking, kneeling, squatting, better than i have in the past two years.
at the time i didn't think i could be so grateful for that pain i was in.
but i am. i am grateful that i had the surgery and that i worked hard enough to "graduate" from therapy so quickly.

moving on,
this will be a quick little rant.
a quick little rant about the singles ward.
i'm kind of tired of it. 
i have a ward, that although is welcoming, tends to be a bit cliquish.
if you aren't in a group, well good luck. (at least thats how i feel.)
it makes it hard to go to activities for this extremely quiet and shy girl.
i go to fhe and usually stay for 10 minutes because no one talks to me.
i know, i know, i could make the initiative and go talk to people, but its intimidating to me.
there is never someone else that is there alone, so it would be walking up to a group of people,
which is scary.
so...i don't go to activities. and i don't talk to people other than the friends i already have when i am at church.
it's bad, because i know if i don't change it will be impossible to meet people.
so if anyone had any ideas as to how to make this easier,
send them my way, please!

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