Wednesday, May 8, 2013


there have been a few times lately
where i have really wondered if i was pursuing the right 
course in my education and career path.
perhaps it is because a year and half until i'm complete with the program
feels so far away. 
maybe it's because i've been so far from an elementary classroom for so long.
but tonight,
tonight i remembered how much i really want to be a teacher.
i am currently working as a photographer's assistant 
taking all of the sports teams pictures across the valley.
so all the soccer teams,
baseball, t-ball, flag football
all of them.
i had the lovely pleasure of working with a team of kindergarten-1st graders
this evening, taking baseball pictures.
the owner's wife informed me I was in for a treat with this team,
because they were a handful.
man, they may have been a handful,
but they were my favorite team, by far.
i was in my element working with them,
they are so full of energy and you can't help but smile when you're with them.
one little boy in particular with this team was a hoot,
we told him to put his hat on straight, he put it on sidewards.
told him to put his hands on his knees, he put them on his head, then shoulders, and of course feet.
after the team picture i had all the kids come sit on the ground by me,
so it was easier to keep track of them for their individuals.
i looked down at these twelve little boys sitting at my feet
and thought "this is what i'm in for, for the rest of my life."
and i was happy.
we joked and we played, and the little boy who had caused all the problems for the team picture sat and 
held my hands in order to stay calm.
with another team,
i was double checking each kids name to make sure we were taking the right picture of the right kid,
and a little boy came up and told me his full name,
james bond style
"my name is james. james bond." (obviously not, but just so you get the picture..)
and then after a few minutes he proudly announced...
"And... I'm from UTAH!!!"
which started a trend...
"I'm from Egypt!" "No really, I'm from Cairo!" (first of all the kid was probably eight or nine, who the crap knows that at that age, because he really wasn't from Egypt)
man these kids...
they're great.
and the next year and a half can't go by quick enough for me!!

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  1. Girl that's awesome! It truly takes a special person to be a teacher. I LOVE how much you love those kids! It's so cute.