Sunday, June 2, 2013

go and read

wanna hear something crazy?
my best friend from kindergarten is still one of my greatest friends, to this day.
she moved when we were in 6th(?) grade; first to missouri, and then to pennsylvania.
we saw each other probably once between the time she moved and the time she came back to utah for college at byu.
people seem to think it's strange that we're still friends, i think otherwise.
i think it's great.

anyways, this friend of mine,
and some of her friends down in provo
have started the most intriguing blog!
based after the blog humans of new york
they have created their own blog;
at first i just thought, oh...that's interesting
but guys, it is intriguing!
it is seriously eye opening to see a side of provo besides the byu campus life.

you should all go take a look at it,
be inspired,
and have a good laugh!

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