Thursday, May 30, 2013


school stresses me out 
when i start to think about it in depth.
i'm not going to lie
i'm not a straight a student, never have been.
i'm more of a b, sometimes a c student.
because of this fact,
i'm a little short on the GPA scale to get into the elementary education program.
just a little short,
not a whole lot.
it scares me to death that i won't get into the program.
i get the "rumblies in my tumbly" when i think about it.
i physically get sick.
this coming semester (summer and fall) 
i have made it my goal to do my absolute hardest to get that GPA up to where it needs to be.
if that requires
no social life, long nights of nothing but studying, 
and doing the one thing i hate doing,
asking for help,
then i will do it.
teaching is the only thing i can see myself doing
as a career.
so the thought that i could possibly not make it,
makes me want to curl up and cry.

this is like a new years resolution,
just later in the year,
i'm resolving to be a better student,
to be less afraid of asking questions,
and more willing to accept help.

writing down goals and making it so others can hold you accountable to those goals helps you achieve them. here's to hoping i achieve this goal.

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  1. You can do it Jana! Ill be praying for you. Let me know when you apply for the program. Love your!