Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{bear lake}

I just realized I never posted about my bear lake trip, from a month ago. My friends and I had been planning since February for this trip. I had been looking forward to it for forever!  We left Friday morning and drove up to Logan. We spent the afternoon shopping at an adorable quilt store, eating at The Bluebird, and doing some grocery shopping at Sam's Club.  Finally, it was time to head up to Garden City.  We checked into the condo we rents, and then drove to said condo. Oh my goodness, if you don't 
property up at bear lake, I strongly suggest renting a condo and going for a weekend.  Request a lake view, and you're set! I could have sworn I'd died and gone to heaven! We didn't do much Friday, walked around the "neighborhood", took ridiculous pictures, watched a movie, and ate dinner.  I quickly won the title of "mom" for the weekend as I fixed dinner and set the table. (What can I say, I love to cook :) ). Saturday I woke up bright and early to watch the sunrise, and was joined by Savannah.  We sat there and oooed and ahhhed for a good hour. Other than a few sentences we didn't talk much, we just took in the scene.  When everyone was up and ready for the day we headed out for breakfast, and then up to the lake. Unfortunately, we picked one of the worst weekends of the summer to go up. It was cloudy, rainy, and FREEZING the entire time we were at the lake.  After the lake, we went back to the condo, watched a movie, and just relaxed. Then we went on a drive and a weak through town.  We grabbed some dinner, did a little more "site-seeing" and then grabbed some shakes.  Back at the condo we put yet another movie in.  Kaytlin headed to bed a little earlier than the rest of us, so Jaci, Savannah, Kylee, and myself went out on the balcony, when we saw the stars. Got really excited and booked it down the stairs to get a better view.  I thought the sunrises were fantastic, but the night sky was even better. (Hello Milky WY!!). Then we went to bed, since we were all determined to wake up at 5:00 for the sunrise again.  Sunday came all too quickly, and all five us gathered on the balcony for the sunrise, we anxiously awaited seeing the sun peek over the mountain top.  It was a long wait for it to actually happen, but the second it peaked, you'd think we'd seen Santa Claus!  It was magnificent, and made the early hour and long wait completely worth it.  After we'd enjoyed the sun, we went back inside to sleep some more.  When everyone was finally awake, we packed up and headed home. It was a simple simple trip, and a quick one at that,but it was amazing!

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