Monday, August 26, 2013

It was the best of day...
it was the worst of day...
I'd been looking forward to the start of a new semester for awhile.
I missed being on campus,
and I missed having something to do with my life.
My alarm was set for 5:00 am,
I was pumped and ready...
and then, Monday came.
I randomly woke up at 4:00 am and looked at my phone,
I found that I had an email so I quickly looked at it.
It said something to this effect...
"We're sorry to inform you but you didn't receive a high enough grade in MATH 1050 and you can no longer be in MATH 2010."
I had been fearing this email for awhile now,
I laid in bed and cried myself back to sleep for what little time I had left.
5:00 came, I turned off my three alarms,
grabbed my computer, 
dropped MATH 2010, and luckily was able to MATH 1050. wouldn't be too bad of a Monday after all.

I got to the train, 
and helped a girl who had never ridden the train before figure out how it works.
I sat on the top level of the train,
and began my trek to school.
We're rounding the point of the mountain and we (myself and the other passengers) hear..
*clunk...perclunk...thug...bam bam bam...clunk...clunk...*
Uh..."What was that?!?" 
The train continues on.
The train arrives at the Orem station,
I get off the bus following two younger boys and an older gentlemen.
All of whom excitedly proclaimed
"We hit a deer!!"  "That was definitely a deer we hit back there!"
I turned and looked at the side of the train, and sure enough, it looked as though a deer had been hit.

I finally get to school,
just as the bookstore opened 
score for me! First one in line.
Downside, my book was $150.
I start to walk to class, only to realize I don't know what classroom I'm supposed to go to.
I look it up and head on downstairs to the basement.
(Who wants their first class in a basement? not me..)
However, I ran into my cousin and his girlfriend as I was waiting for my class,
one more point to make the day look upward!

the rest of the day went pretty great!
I had institute with Arielle, we even got a free shirt!
My new MATH 1050 class seems like it will be great.
And, although this may seem contradictory,
it started to rain as I walked to the bus. (i love a good sprinkle!)

How did your Monday go?

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