Monday, September 9, 2013

Some good college learnin'

Ever wondered what the education level is like at Utah Valley University?
Well let me tell you, sometimes it is fantastic!
But, I think I do my best learning in the halls between classes rather than in the classroom. 
For example, 
Today I learned that I have been living my life completely wrong. All this time I've been in school, I've been worried about it. But apparently you only need to worry about school when you're married, when you're single you don't need to worry about it!
I learned that "teaching for awhile before you have kids" is just teaching for a year. After that first year (you know after you've stressed and finally figured out what teaching is like) you can quit and go have babies, it's all good!
Here's a good one, if you're a guy and you're going tanning three times a week you'd better stop because you look mighty superficial, but if you're a girl, feel free to continue going that often, it's normal for us girls!
If parents would brush their kid' teeth until they are eight than kids won't have problems with cavities.
And finally, people are stupid when it comes to parking, especially parallel parking. So when you're in a parking lot, don't park close to other cars, but if you have to, find a spot that is against a corner curb and park as close as you can to the curb, that way you have "at least four feet" between your car and the other car! 

I'm not sure why I pay for tuition when I learn such great things for free!

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