Thursday, September 19, 2013


i am a sucker for a good sunrise or a magnificent rainbow.  always have been, always will be.  growing up my favorite primary song was, "When I Am Baptized", i could always be found singing the lyrics or playing it on the piano.
"I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain, and ponder on the beauty of the earth right after rain." was my favorite line of the whole song.
sunrises and rainbows have been a symbol of hope and peace in my life.  so when i get to see both in one morning, i count myself pretty blessed.
on monday i was feeling a little down, it had been an emotional draining weekend for me, and i really just wanted to stay in bed and sleep.  i was worried about my friend and how he was doing.  and school wasn't on my list of things i wanted to be doing.  but to school i went.  i catch a 6:30 am train, so it was rather dark outside when i boarded, and for the better portion of the ride.  somewhere around lehi i start to notice the sun begin to rise, and my heart does a little "flip-flop", i could tell it was going to be a gorgeous sunrise.  by the time we got to orem i couldn't wait to get off the train to see this sunrise.  you guys, it was spectacular!  100%, completely pink.  which, is rare to get a sunrise all one color. but it was all pink.  instead of silver linings, the clouds had pink linings!  as i began to walk towards the bus i looked westward and looked into a wall of dark clouds, but sprouting out from the darkest spot in the clouds was the beginning of a rainbow.  it was a very faint rainbow, and only certain colors stood out brightly.  but when i looked, it was red that was shining bright.  but it gave off a pink hue.  it was at that moment, that i knew everything was going to be okay.  i knew that my friend was going to okay, and that his mom was in a better place and free from the pain of cancer.  i knew i didn't need to worry too much about him.  it was like my whole body was filled with an inner peace and sense of hope.  i carried that with me for the rest of the day, and it seriously made all the difference in my day!

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