Thursday, September 19, 2013


my birthday was yesterday. it was a little different this year, especially compared to last year.  there wasn't a week of celebrating, there wasn't a huge party, it was rather simple.
i had told my entire family that i didn't want anything, as far as presents go for my birthday, except maybe some money to take to denver. i love my family, but they are terrible at listening to me.  my parents got me some red sox apparel, and some other clothes.  my sister got me a few books and then some money for denver (she halfway listened). 
the celebrating began at school, with arielle.  we bought some soup, and walked up to the institute building to eat.  while eating she gave me my gift, the book "Blackmoore" and some licorice.  after we are our soup we pulled out our treat.  i had made pumpkin chocolate chip bars and brought them down for us.

i knew i didn't want to do a big family thing on wednesday 1) because my dad wasn't going to be home and 2) i am usually never home on wednesday nights.  so after my walk down memory lane on sunday i decided there was only two people i really wanted to celebrate with.  so i asked alicia and colby if they wanted to do something.  luckily, they love me and agreed to it.  we got froze. Yogurt and sat and talked/laughed for two hours.  it has been a really long time since the three of us have done anything together but you wouldn't have thought we'd skipped a beat.  

i really couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate turning another year older.

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  1. Your parents just couldn't help it, could they? I'm glad you had a good birthday. My birthdays just keep getting simpler and simpler, so I feel you there. Your friends are keepers. They really seem like such awesome people. Happy Belated Birthday, Jana! Love you tonsies.