Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In rememberance

A year ago today,
my family lost a dear sweet member.
My loving cousin Lucy Ann Bell Heaton
passed away while responding to an emergency call.
I wrote about it all last year...

I miss you.  I miss you a lot.
I know we didn't see each other a whole lot,
but that doesn't matter.
I'm trying not to shed many tears today,
because I know you'd rather see smiles and hear laughter.
But sometimes,
it's easier to cry.
I wish my memory of my childhood was better so that I could remember
the time you spent living with us,
babysitting us,
and being a great "older sister".
My mom tells us stories all the time of the things we'd do with you,
and I cherish them dearly.
I am grateful for those few moments we had at Tuacahn to briefly speak for the play started. (I don't remember which year it was) 
but it meant a lot.
It meant a lot that you had told your husband about us, and he knew exactly who we were when we saw you guys.
You were a shining example here on earth,
and you continue to be an example from heaven.
I love you so much,
and I am so grateful that we will see each other again!

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