Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It was about this time of year, 4 years ago in 2009, 
I was on my way back to Ephraim after being home for the weekend.
I got a text from my cousin Doug asking what I was doing, and if I was home (my apartment home).
When I said I was on my way back he kept asking what time I'd get there.
I didn't think anything of it, looking back, I probably should have been more suspicious.
When I got back to my apartment I was sitting in my room emptying out my bag and finishing up some homework.
My phone went off again, it was Doug again.
This time the text said "Your school has really creepy statues." I replied with a simple "yeah...." 
and then it clicked, and I freaked out.
So I called Doug and excitedly exclaimed "ARE YOU HERE?!?"
Doug was in fact there at Snow College, with his -now wife- girlfriend, Ashley.
They came up to my apartment and we visited for a few minutes before they had to go back to Provo.
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that visit is why Ashley is one of my favorite people in the world.
School semester's have usually ended with a visit to Ashley to celebrate, last year when my parents were remodeling our house her and Doug were gracious to let me spend the night with them.  
One thing Ashley and I have bonded over is our love of Studio 5.  She's a bigger fan than I am, but we both love the show and Brooke Walker so much.
A few weeks ago Ashley found out they were doing a live studio audience for one show, and quickly entered to win tickets, and then had me enter to win as well.  Unfortunately, neither of us won the tickets through that giveaway.  But then I saw you could email in for a chance to win tickets.  So we both emailed in and... Ashley won two tickets.  
We were so so excited about the chance we were going to have to go.  Until...I got pneumonia and we weren't sure I would be able to actually go. 
Luckily, I quickly got better and yesterday Ashley and I got to go be in the audience.  It turned out to be way more fun than I originally expected it to be. 
But really, it was just nice to spend an entire morning with Ashley!

The set of Studio 5

To explain the feet:  The show that we attended was their Body Love segment and you had to send in a picture of the body part you love the most.  Well, since we didn't know if I'd be going Ashley just sent in a picture of her toes and I got to hold it up.  Every one was quite in love with Ashley's toes. 

1st, don't mind my closed eyes.  2nd, you must have a picture of the schedule! Or maybe we just like to mock everyone around us, because everyone was taking pictures of just the schedule...

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  1. This is SO fun! I love Studio 5 too! I've been on it once or twice and Brooke Walker is seriously one of my most favorite ladies ever. What a fun experience that they had a live studio audience for a show. I've never even heard of that! I love Ashley, too! I want to meet her someday!