Wednesday, February 26, 2014


hey there. 
we're almost three months into 2014, how are things going for you?
keeping up with your resolutions? either.
i promised myself that i would do the whole "brave" thing, and rock it.
so far, it hasn't worked that well.
i have attended fhe, most times by myself, but i either leave super quick, or i only talk to the 2 people i know, and don't try to meet new people.
i hang out with the same three people on the weekends, and even though i know there are others i can call to do things with, i don't.
i have said goodbye to two of my best friends so far this year.  for reasons that i don't know our friendships have dwindled down to nothing.  we don't talk anymore, we don't hang out, nothing.  many days are spent feeling a little broken hearted because i miss them.  i think that has a lot to do with my lack of braveness.  charlie brown says it better than i ever could....


i'm definitely not giving up on this goal of mine, its just turning out to be a little harder than i had planned on it being.

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