Sunday, May 18, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona

The universe doesn't want me to blog about my trip. I have seriously tried to get this post going four times now.  Let's try this again.  
2 months ago I went to Phoenix for Spring Break.  Jessica and I flew into Phoenix Friday night, checked into our hotel room, went to Target, and then to Applebee's for dinner.  Afterwards we crashed at the hotel and watched the Bachelor Finale.  Saturday we ate breakfast at the cutest cafe, went to the Gilbert Temple, enjoyed a lovely Spring Training baseball game, Oakland A's vs. Texas Rangers.  We went to the Phoenix Zoo, McDonalds for some Diet Coke, more crashing at the hotel.  We went to the Mesa Temple and then drove around Mesa looking for a place to eat, then we went back to the hotel and watched Parks and Rec.  Sunday we had a 10:00 flight home, we went to Einstein Bro. Bagel's for breakfast, stood in the security line at the airport for over an hour, and ran down the terminal only to watch the door to our plane close on our faces.  So we spent 10 hours in the Phoenix airport, stood in line for about an hour trying to get new plane tickets, got put on standby for a 12:30 flight, and got the LAST two confirmed seats on an 8:00 flight, ate junk food and a real meal at Pei Wei, and only went a little crazy!  
We went pretty much "adventure" free (aka we didn't get lost) the whole trip, so we decided that was why we missed our flight was so that we would have some adventure.  It was a fun trip and I'm longing for Arizona again (and have been for the past two months)

Enjoy the pictures!!

My phone started playing this song the moment the plane took off from SLC

Finally got the window seat!

Hello Phoenix!
The trip was a bit stressful for Jessica's purse..

"The Coffee Shop"

Hello bright red hair!

Gilbert Temple

Seriously, such gorgeous landscape!

Baseball season!!

Who loves all of Jessica's mint matchiness?!?

Sunsets... :)

Mesa Temple

5-ish hours into our 10 hour wait at the airport!
Still smiling, we hadn't hit delusional quite yet..
SO excited to have hit 10 hours and to be going HOME! A state of delusion was starting to set in... (The looks we received while taking this photo's was priceless!)

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