Monday, June 16, 2014


so i'm 98% 100% positive that an LDS singles ward preaches the same thing that any other LDS ward teaches, with the exception that in the singles ward you hear a lot more encouragement to date and get married (of course).  so with that being said, you'd think that the activities we participate should still follow along the same guidelines we learned before we turned 18, right?
i don't really like to share opinions too much on this blog of mine, because i prefer to keep it as a journal.  but after tonight, my little brain is so full of thoughts i thought.. "why not blog about it?!"
in the LDS Church one of the biggest things we are taught is about modesty.  many lessons in young women's were spent teaching us about modesty.  after the past two weeks at fhe i feel like we threw those lessons at the door when we turned 18.  i considered pulling out "for the strength of youth" (a pamphlet the church has for the youth, just stating some guidelines and giving advice) but instead, i turned to  "True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference", which is basically like a church dictionary.  it is fantastic! i forgot how much i love it! i looked up the word modesty it says... "Modesty is an attitude of humility and decency in dress, grooming, language, and behavior.  If you are modest, you do not draw undue attention to yourself."  it's pretty straight forward.  there are several reasons why we believe we should dress modestly, but i really think it boils down to respect.  respect for yourself and those around you.  growing up, whenever we had an activity that involved water, where we would be wearing swimming suits, standards were set pretty high.  one piece swimming suits (which back 8 years ago were still quite modest), tankini's if the top was long and you had shorts. that was that.  bikini's were out.  if the leaders felt that your swimsuit was a bit too revealing you were asked to put a shirt on.  that was the rules for those young men and  young women 12-18, and i'm sure it still is.  my singles ward had a pool party last week for our "summer kick off".  i won't lie, i was shocked to see the way that a good half of the girls came dressed.  bikini's that consisted mostly of just three pieces of string, cover up sundress that didn't really cover anything up.   it seemed as though everything we had been taught, and everything that we really believe in was thrown right out the window (or gate..).  i was also a bit surprised that the leaders didn't say anything.  yes we are all grown adults, but it is still a church activity, shouldn't we be representing what we believe wherever we are?  i talked about this with my friend that was also in attendance at the pool party and she agreed.  she said it was even too much for her, and she admitted to not always dressing the most modest.
when did it become acceptable to throw this moral out the window?  did it become okay the second you turned 18.  does the rule not apply anymore?
tonight was another shocker.  we had a stake fhe and to end the "party" they had a dj come so that we could have a dance.  it went from a pleasant evening where you felt comfortable talking to people, to a dance club in .2 seconds.  i stood back from the "dance floor" a ways, with a girl i've only met one other time and we couldn't help but say "what...what is going on?" first, the music that was being played was far from anything that should have been acceptable. (remember part of being modest is language).  but the thing that really got us, was the way the majority of the people were dancing.  at one point they started a "line dance", which i'm guessing is new.  i don't remember what the dj said it was called, but apparently our stake does it better than anyone he's ever seen.  this, was not something we should have been proud of.  all the dance consisted of was a line of people grinding. that's all.  essentially the dj gave our stake the skank of the year award.  when did that become acceptable? and it just continued on, and it didn't get much better.
i know i've posed the question a lot already. but really...when did this become acceptable? it honestly goes against everything we were taught, and are still being taught.  the world's moral compass is spiraling downward, and i've witnessed just what a difference it is making on members of the church.  what are your feelings?  should things become so lax just because we are "young single adults"?  should the leaders have stepped in and said something? because i feel like they should have. call me a prude, but i just don't see how any of that was church appropriate...

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