Monday, June 23, 2014

{weekend bliss}

do you ever come off a weekend feeling so rejuvenated? having an extra sense of an "I can do this attitude" for the coming week?

I had a weekend like that this past weekend, and now I'm ready to face the world! 
This weekend my good friend Megan got a group of us together to go to a Bee's baseball game. It was indeed the best way to celebrate the summer solstice, baseball, friends, fireworks, and sun!  I was looking back at the pictures from the baseball game and started to bawl, a) because I saw a smile on my face that I felt like I had lost and b) I realized how lucky I am, and how truly blessed I have been.

I'm missing pictures of mine, Jessica and Laura's sushi adventure before the game, but let me tell made us 10 times happier, I'm quite positive.

Yes baseball!!

Our lovely group

And another for good measure!

My best friends little sister was on a date at the game and ended up sitting behind me, it was a highlight to get to see her!


Jessica and I

Me, Shelby, Jessica, and Megan (Lucia we missed you!!!)

I just love Shelby!

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