Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marion Darlene Christensen

February 1, 2015... another day when my world crashed down a little bit more.  It had been just about 6 months since I said goodbye to my grandpa on my mom's side, and I had to say goodbye to my grandma on my dad's side; my last living grandparent.  Her death was sudden, and unexpected. However, Grandma had been saying for 6 years that she wanted to go.  She missed my grandpa and my cousin too much.  I was going to write the events leading up to her passing, but decided against it.  Instead, here's what I would have said at my grandma's grave side service; if I had chosen to do so.

"To say I am going to miss my grandma is an understatement.
My whole life I have lived
no more than 10 minutes away from her home.
She was the one who would take care of me if I was sick
and my parents were at work.  
Sunday afternoons were spent at her home.
Any holiday, she had a celebration.
She was the one I would tell about my new job,
the test I had coming up, 
or my weekend plans.
She made the best toast in the world,
and I have yet to figure out her secret!
My grandma was one of the most amazing people that walked this earth.
She was so kind to everyone she met.
She was strong, so strong.
She kept going even when she wanted so badly to stop.
She was the glue of our family after Grandpa passed away.
She made sure we saw each other often.  She planned activities to help us grow closer
as a family and closer to Christ.
Grandma made the best food! Toast; cake; gravy; candy; everything.
Going to Grandma's house was the cure to a bad day,
a busy week,
or a sick stomach.
She was the best listener.  Sometimes she didn't have much to say
but she offered the greatest listening ear.
Nights sitting in her backyard, talking, listening to the world around us
was a great way to spend summer nights.
Our family gathered at Grandma's for everything.
Sometimes planned; sometimes sporadically."

It's been two months since we said goodbye to grandma.  I had a hard time with her passing, but I bounced back.  Easter was hard, very hard.  The fact that it landed on conference weekend made it double hard.  At times I think I can still just walk down the street and find grandma home, waiting for some visitors.  Then reality strikes, and I remember she's not.  How blessed I am that I had her in my life, and that I was able to see her so often.

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