Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SUU T-Birds.....

HERE I COME!! Well most likely anyways haha. Yep tis true, I was accepted to SUU!! I just found out today and I am flying off the wall!! I was also accepted to UVU, and waiting to hear back from the U of U and from Snow. So I have quite the decision ahead of me but I know whatever I choose will be good for me. I have wanted to go down to SUU for quite some time now, I love Cedar City!!! It's the coolest town ever, I mean it's small but not SMALL! And close to St. George which is a plus since I love St. George!!! I've been on SUU's campus before and I think it is absolutely gorgeous!! It is like my ideal school! Hopefully I will be able to get some scholarships so that I will be able to go. I'm so excited I think I could literally fly!!!

--- This is a picture of my friends and I at SUU when we went down there for The Shakespearean Festival. It doesn't do the campus justice, but it does show how beautiful it is there!!!
I don't think I could be any more happy about how things are playing out right!!! It's amazing!!! I am so grateful for everything right now, especially for my love of learning, because I know without that I wouldn't of had a flying chance at getting into the schools!! Thank you to all of you who have shown your love and support for me!


  1. Congrats! My sister went to SUU. She's now a first grade teacher. She loved the school. My opinion...I went to Snow and loved it (wish I would have stayed and graduated, but I wouldn't have met Luke!) I also went to UVU (at the time UVSC) and HATED it! There's my opinion on your choices. Good luck and have fun!!!

  2. Congrats!!! You will love where ever you go. It has to be nice to have so many options.

  3. Jana! thanks for your post on my blog about Zinch. Will you spread the word to your classmates. The company is trying to get as many high school students as possible to create profiles. Love you!