Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where oh I go?

So today I went sledding (okay I didn't actually sled but I was at a golf course where other people were sledding!) with my ward for our mutual group, and I must say it was weird to be there for sledding and have it raining. It was coming down up in Park City by the time we left! It was seriously like a spring rain storm...only in January! Anyways..onto the good stuff. So I got home from that and I checked the mail (like I have been doing all week!) and guess what was in the mail........guessed yet?.......any guesses? okay I'll just tell you then. There were two fairly large envelopes just sittin there in the mailbox, I was SO excited, cuz big envelopes means good news, right. Of course it does!! So I fly into the house (after shutting the garage for my safety of course) and I dash up the stairs. I throw the other mail on the kitchen counter and just focus on the two large envelopes addressed to me! The first of which being from THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH here is what it said: "Dear Janalyn: It is a pleasure to inform you of your acceptance to the University of Utah. Your place in the freshman class is reserved beginning Fall 2009." That's right everyone, I got into THE U... great right!! :) So after the excitement of that large envelope I just HAD to the open the other one which was from none other than SNOW COLLEGE here is what was waiting for me inside that splendid package: "On behalf of teh students, faculty, staff and friends of Snow College let me tell you how honored and excited we are that you will be joining our Snow College family." Yes I made it into SNOW too!... along with that lovely piece of joy was this: "Dear Janalyn: Congratulations! (it had it's own line [: ) The Snow College Scholarship Committee is honored to offer you this scholarship." yada yada yada all the formalities then on the next piece of joy was this: "Dear Janalyn Christensen: Congratulations! You have been award a Scholastic Merit scholarship (waiver) for the 2009 school year. Details of your award are described below. This waiver is worth $400.00 over the next 2 semesters and will commence with the Fall semester 2009 to be applied in 2 installment(s) of $200.00 each. This amount goes toward your tuition expenses." Yes its true, there is $400.00 awaitin' me at SNOW COLLEGE if I decide to go there.
So the results are in...after a month of waiting I have heard back from all 4 schools I applied to. Accepted to every single school. I was partially hoping I wouldn't get into at least 1 of them because then the decision wouldn't be so hard. So for now I am just going to have to see what direction I'm headed... this has been so thrilling, but so overwhelming at the same time!

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  1. YEAH!! Thats great you got into all of your choices, now you just have to choose one. I do love the U....