Saturday, February 21, 2009

UVU...or SNOW...

So I bet ya'll thought I had this decision chosen right... me too!! But today I went to decline the scholarship from Snow and I couldn't bring myself to put pen to paper. I have been going over everything positive and negative about both schools all day today, and let me tell ya I think my head is on overload. I'm ready to have a mental breakdown because I just don't know anymore. There are so many pluses for each school...I think I may have to follow the example of Rory on Gilmore Girls and do freakin Pro-Con lists... uh... maybe I should hold a vote...all in favor of UVU?? and SNOW??? okay just let me know and in the end I'll tally up all the votes, whoever gets the higher votes that's where I'm headed!! :]


  1. Definitely Snow!!! I live in Ephraim and manage Snow Garden Apartments. You would love it here! Everyone who ends up coming to Snow never regret it. It is a blast!