Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Draper Temple Dedication (this is a LONG post..sorry)

So I'm a little bit behind in this post, heck I'm behind in writing in all down in my actual journal. So we'll start back at square one... The day is Thursday March 19, 2009. My location is the Draper Utah Temple Site. The time is 4:00 p.m. (I'm very precise :]) The event: The Draper Temple Youth Choir Dress Rehearsal. This day came so quickly, too quickly if you ask me. It was our first time singing outside, on the risers. Can I just tell you that I wish I was a professional singer and that I could sing outside all the time! We sounded so good for it being our first time. I don't think we knew what to expect exactly...but I'm sure it was better than what we thought. Since we were facing the Temple we got an awesome echo as it bounced off the temple walls. The dress rehearsal went smoothly and it was fun, yet sombering since it was basically our last practice, and we knew that the next would bring an end to this fabulous experience. After we had finished our rehearsal we [all 190 youth] were invited to go inside the temple to be a trial congregation in the celestial room so that they could get the balance right and everything. Since we were the congregation we got to sing "The Spirit Of God" with the adult choir, it was so amazing. I don't think I have ever felt the spirit as strong as I did that day. I knew that it would be an experience of a life time, I just didn't know it would be such an amazing experience. Now the day is Friday March 20, 2009. Location: Draper Utah Temple, and Stake Center. Time: 7:30 a.m. The day has finally come, it's a joyous yet sad day. We arrived at the Stake Center adjacent the temple at 7:30 but couldn't actually go inside the church until close to 8:00. So we stood outside, or if you were me you sat in a car with girls you didn't know trying to stay warm :). At 8:00 we were able to go get in our seats in the stake center. We waited a little bit for everyone to get there and then we had one last practice. Ah it was so amazing! We were actually flawless (well basically) for once!! My parents told me that when we sang "Now Let Us Rejoice" the could actually hear us when we sang the last phrase. [We get really loud there (especially Soprano's because they have to hit a really high not)] As a side note, my parents were on the temple grounds and we were inside the stake center. After we practiced we had a testimony meeting, probably the best testimony meeting ever! Then it was time to walk out to the risers. We got to the risers and waited, then it was time to sing. We ended up singing "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" twice, so that made us pretty happy! Then they did the cornerstone ceremony of putting the mortar on the cornerstone. When President Monson finshed with that he turned the time back to us to sing "Now Let Us Rejoice", like we were hoping he stayed for the whole time! Then it was over, all the weeks of practicing, the great experiences, it was over. I'm not going to lie, I miss it. I miss the practices (even though at the time I dreaded them) and I even miss the insane amount of traffic trying to get out of the practices :) I have pictures...but they're on my laptop, I'll post them soon.

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