Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Draper Temple

I am so excited!!! The day is just about here, I have been waiting for this day since November!! Tomorrow is our final rehearsal for the Youth Choir for the Cornerstone Dedication! WOOHOO!! It will also be our first practice at the temple site itself. Two weeks ago when we were getting all of our information about times and all that jazz we were told that we as a choir have been invited to go be a pretend congregation in the celestial room as the adult choir practices on Thursday evening. This is going to be the chance of a life time really!! I think I'm a bit more excited about that then I am the actual performance, just because I will finally be able to go inside the Draper Temple. I was unable to attend the Open House and I was really sad until I learned this! :) Then Friday is the actual day!!!! It's going to be an early start seeing as we have to be at the church next to the temple at 7:30, okay not too early but for singing its early! I think we will be performing at about 9. This has been an experience that I will not forget!!!

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