Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Manti Rodeo

So this post is only like a week late, but its still good none-the-less. I believe it was the Sanpete County Fair going on last week...or something like that at least. We found out that there was going to be a rodeo and of course me and Kim were all for it! So we planned and planned for this rodeo. Friday came rolling around and we still didn't have before math that day we went on a hunt for tickets. We went to Kent's Market and they had none so we had to go to our final option. Call some guy named Wade who was in Manti and he would hook us up. So we hopped in Dustin's truck (Kim's car was up in SLC gettin' fixed) and drove down to Manti; hoping that we'd make it back in time for math. We got to the fairgrounds and called Wade to figure out tickets. Well he directed us to this little construction warehouse clear at the end of Manti, which is already the middle of nowhere but this was really the middle of nowhere! We got to the warehouse (after getting lost for two seconds) and we got our tickets. Then we booked it back to Ephraim and to class. ANYWAYS...we had our tickets; I got two- one for me and one for Court. Kim got hers and enough for Dustin, her sister's family and her cousin. We didn't even think about the rest of our roommates..rude I know. That evening me and Courtney had been at our neighbors playing Guitar Hero when it was time to go to the Rodeo, so we invited them to join us, then when we were at our apartment getting ready to go Arielle and Myrinda decided to come too. So we all went to the rodeo. It was pretty fun, our seats weren't the greatest so we couldn't see much, but it was fun. So here are a few pictures, I had forgotten that my memory card was in my computer so I could only take what the internal memory would hold...

The Manti Temple is AMAZING, especially at night!


Arielle and Courtney

horses and the fair rides

Manti Temple

Arielle and Tanner; we really like lines!

Tanner and Kyle

Courtney and Tanner
Arielle was really excited for the Rodeo!

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