Saturday, September 12, 2009

A part of me is missing/weekend life in Ephraim Utah...

Well I'm saddened to say that a part of me is poor phone lost the battle against me and died halfway through the week. Up until Friday I was still able to use it; but just barely. I had to open and close it several times whenever I got a text message or anything of the sort. I couldn't really see who was calling me so it was always a surprise to me. My parents decided that it would probably be best for me to get a new phone. So on Friday my cousin Kim left for Sandy for the weekend so she took my phone with her and will be bringing my new one back to me tomorrow. I know this is pathetic that I am writing about my phone being gone; but I miss being able to call my mom or text her whenever I want. I miss having the opportunity to call and talk to friends who aren't in Ephraim; and I really needed that tonight. For those who are wondering; I can live without my phone; if I was anywhere but Ephraim this weekend I would've been just fine with my phone being gone, but my phone was the only way I could talk to those back home. Now as for a weekend in Ephraim..well they're kind of boring. For example I'm just at my apartment by myself at the moment, now you'r probably wondering why is she by herself..what about her roommates. Well you see my roommates along with our neighbors are all currently at the local hot tub...dillemna for Jana, I don't have a swim-suit down here; therefore no reason to go to the hot tub. Today has been an interesting day; I think I am starting to get allergies which is making me quite irritable and I just want to be by myself or at least if I'm with a group I would like to be doing something fun. We basically just sit around all day; so we really need to come up with some better ideas of what fun is. Well I'm going to stop before I go into more depth about how depressing it can get down here.

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