Friday, September 18, 2009

My birthday...

So today is my birthday; my 19th birthday to be exact. Although it doesn't feel like my birthday, I think I half forgot that it was my birthday when I woke up this morning; until I thought back to the events that took place last night and for the past 7 days did I realize that today was the day. Now to explain to you about the events. My friend and neighbor Tanner Bean decided that it would be funny if I received a present a day until my birthday; so he took it upon himself to give me something every day for a week.

Day 1: A kleenex that said Happy Birthday
Day 2: A used water bottle
Day 3: mints
Day 4: A pencil that said happy birthday on it
Day 5: a mayo packet
Day 6: a photo holder, out of a wallet
and Day 7: A piece of a poster board that says Happy Birthday Jana

I am not lying when i say I have quite enjoyed seeing what he could come up with to use a birthday present, it has been a lot of fun.

Then my amazingly awesome roommate Courtney Jones decided that she would make me a birthday cake. We were at Kent's Grocery store one day and she "secretly" picked out a cake and frosting, I wasn't allowed to see the cake or anything until it was time to eat it. I was thinking it was just going to be a normal cake, nothing big. Well I was certainly wrong. Earlier in the week I had seen a picture of this cake that they had turned into a merry-go-round, half joking I said "Courtney, thats what I think my cake should look like." I had totally forgotten about that, but apparently Courtney hadn't. Because when she pulled the cake out of the cupboard she had designed a merry-go-round on my cake. I was so happy, it was the nicest thing anyone has done -as far as making a cake on my birthday goes- in a long time.

Now enjoy some pictures of the awesome cake!



  1. Cute Cake! Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you have some fun friends down there! Glad you are liking it!