Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall was here for yet a brief moment..

Fall; it came and now it seems to have left just as quickly as it came. Fall is my favorite season; I love the colors and the weather. Fall has a certain smell to it that is peaceful and just nice. On Sunday after church and our Sunday dinner my cousin Kim, my roommates Courtney and Arielle, and myself took a drive up Ephraim Canyon to see the trees changing and take in some of fall. It was amazing; the trees were bright red and orange. Since we left close to 7 the sun was starting to set so the sunlight was bouncing off the trees and made it even better. We stopped on the side of the dirt road to get some leaves for our apartment and of course to take some pictures :) We went to this little village place that was very cool. It's hard to explain just how cool it was unless you visit it yourself.

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