Friday, October 2, 2009

Summary of College Life...

"I've learned that your college friends become kind of family, you eat together, you take naps together, fight, laugh, cry, and do absolutely nothing together until you can't remember how you ever lived your life without them in the first place."

That's my college experience right there. I'm not even joking! My roommates and I all decided when we first moved in that we would eat dinner together every night, each person was assigned a night that they cook on and they fix dinner for everyone. We love our naps! It seems like if one person takes a nap we all take a nap, we or maybe I should just say I sometimes end up taking naps at our neighbors house while everyone else is watching a movie. Fight...well we haven't really seen that yet. Laugh, oh man we are laughing constantly there is never a day that I don't laugh at least once. Cry...I like to keep that to myself...but if I have cried it was probably out of pain (thank you knee!) Finally we're constantly doing nothing but that is the best part. We don't need much to keep ourselves entertained. All in all I have loved life down in Ephraim, there have been times when I've wondered what I was thinking and wished I was at home or anywhere besides Ephraim; but at the end of the day, week, month I am greatful for the experience that I have had. Whether it be pulling all nighters laying in my room talking to Whitney about nothing, having midnight walks with Court and Whit, going to the mailbox in hopes that someone got a letter that day, spending hours and hours at our neighbors house doing nothing, watching our neighbors play golf on the playstation at midnight and laughing because they get crazier and crazier the later it gets, or just watching movies I've loved it all.

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