Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "trip" to the Noyes building.

bahahaha. Today Whitney, and I decided that we needed to go pick her car up at the Noyes building because she had left it there after her last class. So we leave our apartment and start walking down there. When we reached the street we ran into Miss Jones (Courtney) so of course we invited her along. We got to the Noyes building and Whitney decided she wanted to go inside because she had never really seen it before. So in we go; that is when the story really begins. You see the Noyes building looks as though it should be a bathroom (because of the tiles and such) so we decided to see what the actual bathrooms in the Noyes building look like. Well...it's pretty much the same! As we were leaving we got a bit lost (yes in the bathroom) they have two doors right next to each other so we weren't sure which door was the door that you were supposed to go out, well Courtney picked the wrong one! We finally got out of the bathroom and decided that we wanted to go out the main doors of the Noyes Building. In order to get to those doors you must first go upstairs and then you will be on the "main" floor. So we go upstairs...Whitney decides that she didn't want to lead because she didn't want to get lost, so I go up in front and.... WHAM! I literally trip going up the stairs (hence the title "trip" to the Noyes building). Now this trip wouldn't have been so bad, had I not hurt my knee back in August, and even still had I not landed on the edge of the stair with my right knee.. Oh the joys of college!

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