Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ephraim, Utah. (a.k.a. The North Pole)

For those of you who are confused with this title; let me explain. Down in Ephraim the temperature has barely, if at all, gotten above 0 degrees. The other night my dad told me that it got to -26 degrees. Can you say cold? Because I sure can! When I went to my last final Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m., bless my favorite cousin for waking up to take me, it was -15 degrees. On the walk home after my final every limb in my body froze. Literally! I couldn't feel my hands and fingers. My toes were colder than cold. My legs didn't want to move because they were so cold it stung when they did move. My nose, yes my nose, was frozen, completely! Now, I love Ephraim, I really do! But I hate, loath, despise, whatever synonym of hate you can think of that is how I feel towards the cold. On Sunday night it started to snow, and boy did it snow! It snowed right on into Monday morning, and all the way through Monday night. We received at least 6 inches of that lovely white stuff that I only like to greet with a happy face on Christmas morning. Monday night our apartment complex had a patio/balcony decorating contest, for some Christmas fun. My roommates and I had decorated our patio with a few lights when we set our Christmas tree up but nothing big. After some thinking, Whitney, Courtney, and I decided that we wanted to try a little harder on decorating so we came up with a plan. We decided to create the North Pole in front of our patio. We made a North Pole sign, out of a broom stick and a cereal box. We taped letters to Santa on our railing, and hung snowflakes up, dangling from the balcony above us. Then since we had snow on the ground Courtney and I decided that we would build a snowman! Problem; the snow wasn't good packing snow, therefore we had to figure out a way to make the snow stay. So we got some water and froze the snow as we packed it together (yes we were that serious about having a snowman). To finish it off Courtney made a little candy cane forest next to the snowman. It turned out very lovely, but sadly we took 5th place. Even with our awesome North Pole music blasting. It was so much fun to play in the snow, but it was very very VERY cold!

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  1. Those are the best paper snowflakes I have ever seen! Cute decorations.

    Have I ever told you that Avrie has always called the Apartments the Bpartments. Silly girl!