Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh just an adventure.

So before I had moved home I had made plans with my friends Nick and Adam to go to the Manti temple with them on Wednesday. Well since I moved home I decided that I really wanted to go still so I just went down with them. And this my friends, is where the adventure begins. We left Sandy around 11:45 or so and headed off south. Things were going just swell, no traffic, good weather, everything was aok :) Somewhere after Santaquin and before Mona we heard this really bad rattling noise coming from Nick's engine...uh BAD! So we pulled off the side of the freeway because every time Nick would accelerate the rattling would get worse. So Nick and Adam get out and check under the hood (neither of them know much about cars [GREAT!]) After a few minutes they got back in the car and said, "We think it's the belt...." they got back out and looked at it again and then a truck pulled up and helped us. The guy checked the oil -good thing- apparently there was no oil [who's the smart one here...]So Nick goes with this guy to the nearest gas station to get some oil. Meanwhile; me and Adam just stay in the car, freezing... (by now it has started to snow.) So Nick gets back with oil and the guy puts it in for them (they were both in really nice suits...) So the guy sent us on our way and said that we would be okay. So down the freeway we drive, things seem to be normal; except that the car won't accelerate very well... then the lovely rattling noise came back. So we're driving down the freeway, the car sounding like it could explode, and going barely 35 at times. At this point we knew we had to get to a town with a mechanic (which would of course be Nephi) So we keep trudging along, then BAM the engine dies completely. Uh-oh now what. We pull off the side of the road and just keep coasting down the road. Well we lost our momentum 6 miles out of Nephi and had to call a tow truck to come get us. Once we got to Nephi we found out that it would cost $3200 to fix the car so that wasn't worth it.. so Nick sold the car for $150 to a worker at Big O tires. We sat and waited until someone from Ephraim could come get us.. then we went and hung out in Ephraim for the evening until Nicks dad could come get us. What a day!

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