Monday, January 25, 2010

You can judge;

but I'm not going to care.
You can think I'm a quitter
but I believe that is wrong.

Now let me tell you the story. I moved home. It's true, I am in Sandy now; not Ephraim. Why you ask me? Well all I can say is that I felt I needed to be at home. I'm not entirely sure why, all I know is that I am very pleased with my decision. Now for those who may be worryin' I did not quit school altogether. I am taking 4 online classes through Snow so I will still be workin' my butt off (probably harder now), I'm just in a different city.

So again;
you can judge;
but honestly I don't care!
You can call me a quitter,
but I disagree,

I did what I thought was best, and if you don't agree... well that's just too bad :)

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