Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When I get bored...

When I get bored I tend to let my mind run wild and I think of a new activity to pursue. Well today was a day for my mind to run creatively. For Christmas I got an awesome memo board from my friend Kaytlin; only problem...it was a lime green floral print, and my room is grey, black, and red. Didn't match so well. Today I decided I would change that, so I went to Joanne's fabric store, found some awesome fabric, and some cute ribbon (that I actually got at Michael's) and I went to work.

I turned the memo board from this:

Into this:

Plus; I patched a pair of pants :) I just don't understand why you have to buy pants with holes in them... really I like my pants to be nice looking when I buy them, I can wear them out myself thank you very much :)

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