Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a bit of an update...

You'd think I'd have some exciting story to tell right. Well nothing too thrilling. I've been home for a few weeks now and it has been really good!! My online classes are going well and I am enjoying them a lot. Playing catch up has been hard but I have been able to handle it and stay caught up.

One week ago my dad went in for knee replacement surgery on his left knee. I have been going to see him at the Rehab center every day and spending time with him. He is recovering very well and should be able to come home on Friday! I am simply amazed with this surgery. It took just about an hour to complete the entire surgery. He was up and moving on his leg the next day. Crazy how fast they had him moving.

Since being home I have enjoyed spending time with friends up here. I go to the forum's at the institute with Whitney Fehr on Wednesdays. It is so nice to be back hanging out with her, I have missed her so so so much!! I've gone to a few single adult activities with Savannah and Jaci, they have been a lot of fun! I've also hung out with Adam, Courtney Millet, and Mark. It has been so much fun to hang out with them!

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