Thursday, March 4, 2010

The latest goings on...

So really not much has been happening. Just a bunch of school, and homework, school, and homework (even though they're the same). Besides school and homework I've been taking my dad to work and physical therapy a few times during this week, which has been enjoyable.

As far as my social life goes... well I am slowly watching it dwindle down to not a lot because everyone is leaving on their missions, it's great but sad at the same time. BUT that's not stopping me. (: I am continuing to go to forum's at the Institute with Whitney Fehr and continue to enjoy the time with her. Last week they had BYU's Vocal point come and perform and let me tell you, they are amazing!!! On Saturday I went down to Provo and hung out with Charlee. We hit up old Provo and found some interesting food at the Asian store. After we tired of Provo we drove into Heber and went to Heber Valley Railroad and looked around at all their awesome trains! Then we drove down to Park City and went to the Olympic Party; that was so much fun!! I never knew how much stuff they had up there, seriously if you've never been, you should go!

Last time hanging with Nick (in Ephraim)

Adam's Farewell

Adventures of Charlee and Jana

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  1. Park City looked like a lot of fun I might have to go there sometime.. Looks like you are keeping pretty busy, if you are ever bored you can clean my house, dont worry I wont say no..