Monday, June 7, 2010

I love serving

So I don't remember if I posted anything about this or not so I will just mention it quickly then move on. About 2 years ago (I believe) I was trying to complete my Personal Progress for Young Womens. We had to do a 10-hour project, and I was working on completely one for Good Works. I decided that I wanted to collect items for Primary Children's Hospital. When I pulled up the list of items that they needed one of the things was a quilt, so I decided that I would make a quilt myself and donate it along with toys and other items. Well I loved it, and I loved quilting, and I loved feeling like I was doing something great for the community.

This past December I again chose to do some service my helping fulfill a wish of my aunts to make stuffed bears for Primary Children's so that each child would be able to have something to cuddle with.

Just recently we found out that my cousin Kristen may possibly be out of remission and have the horrid monster leukemia again, after bravely fighting it 4 times and receiving a bone marrow transplant. While taking in this saddening news the Primary Children's Medical Center Telethon was on all weekend. I love when the telethon is on, I love watching and hearing about all the brave children out there. As I watched, I thought of Kristen and the struggle she may be facing yet again. I wanted to do something that could in some way help. Then I heard that Primary Children's needed some more quilts. I was so excited and I am jumping at the chance to do this! I have enlisted the help of some of my friends, and together we are pooling our money and will be making some quilts to give to Primary Children's. I realize that this may not effect Kristen personally but in a way it will be.

I promise to keep this updated as to which quilts we are making, and when they are completed!! I am so very excited to do this, as well as being excited that I have friends who love serving (and quilting) as much as I do!!!

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