Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just to make you a little more jealous...

than I know you are :)
Here are the pictures that were taken by the radio stations last night at David Archuleta's concerts.

Jordan Commons (107.9)

Noah's (97.1)

Yes, I did change outfits, and the way my hair was in between concerts. Yes, it was on purpose. I really didn't want to be recognized..


  1. I am just a little jealous... he came into the restaurant I work at in sandy to eat dinner with his family... but alas he wouldn't let us take pictures because he was in work out clothes, sad day. It was pretty cool to meet him though, I agree, good guy !

  2. Emily; that is funny that he wouldn't let you take a picture with him just because he was in work out clothes. Kind of strange :)