Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Title Unknown

I wanted to give this post an awesome title, something different, something fun, but alas; my creativity is gone, it just walked right on out the front door. I tried to stop it, but it just ran so fast, it was at the end of the street by the time I made it to the door.
Okay, now that I have told you about the loss of my creativity I can give you an update. Basically let me say this, I love, seriously LOVE Young Single Adult Activities/Wards. Really, if you're single, which I'm sure anyone who reads this isn't, but if you are; go find yourself a Single Adult ward, you will never regret it! I look forward to church every week, it's exciting to meet so many new people every week, and the activities, well let's just say, it's nice to have a social life again! is a major drag. I cannot wait to sign up for my next semester classes. I really really want to take some fun classes! No more Biology (okay just kidding, I will probably be re-taking biology) but no more government, and all those boring classes. I just want to be rid of the boring ones! Elementary school on the other hand, could it get anymore fun!! I LOVE working with the kids, and I will continue working with the kids for the rest of the year, it is just so relaxing to go over there, it's more like play than anything. In fact, today, after I taught math (yes I, I did teach the kids math!) I played with these block things with a group of the kids for awhile, it was constantly "Miss Jana, Miss Jana help me!" "Build with me Miss Jana!" SO FUN!

Minute-to-win-it. I just played this game tonight at a Young Single Adult activity. Whoever was the genius behind this game should get a million dollars. I realize I've used the word fun a lot in this post, but let's be honest...these things are fun! Minute-to-win-it is a great game where you can make yourself look like a dork, or a genius, maybe a champion, and no one cares! If you haven't tried this game, get a group of friends together, go grab your family, and play play play!!!! (Do it, I'm serious!)

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