Wednesday, November 3, 2010


At church on Sunday the stake president spoke in sacrament, he was called to speak on a whim, so he didn't necessarily have a talk. He spoke mostly about (or so I can remember) getting out and enjoying nature, especially during the winter time. He told us to go skiing and snowboarding, well....I've never skiied, or gone snowboarding, nor do I plan on it. So I thought I would think of different things that I could do to enjoy winter, and make the most of it.

~Ice Fishing~
I seriously want to try ice fishing; why, you ask? My answer is simple, because I can. Last winter, my friend Charlee and I were driving up Provo canyon and we saw like 3 people out on the lake ice fishing, and ever since then we have wanted to try it. Maybe this will be the year.

~Sleigh Ride~
I've always thought it would be fun to go on a sleigh ride! Don't you think it would be super awesome!

You can bet I will be building one, or many of these! Callie was sitting next to me when our stake president told us to enjoy nature, this was the first thing we thought of that we could do!

Okay, maybe I won't really be doing this.... BUT..

I will be doing lots of photography. One shoot that is already planned is for my friend Kaytlin, who LOVES snowmobiling, so I told her I would go up to the mountains with her so that we could get some action shots... maybe I'll get a ride on the snowmobile at the same time :)

~Temple Square~
You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be down here, a ton!! I love love LOVE Temple Square during the winter.

But in all honesty... if I could, this is how I would enjoy winter. Sitting in a room like this....

Drinking lots and lots of this (hot chocolate) and staying absolutely warm and toasty!


  1. I want to be sitting in that room right now with some hot chocolate. sounds so fun

  2. Fay; let's go! Stein Erikson?... we can pull a "Getting There"!!!!