Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh life..

As of late my life has not been too exciting. I go to school, on the days I work- I go to work, I come home, do homework, I visit my grandma. It's all pretty general. Sure, I've hung out with friends, gone to dinner, yada yada yada. Nothing too new. Tonight however...tonight I changed things up a bit.

You see, I'm in a singles ward, a university ward to be exact. I've been too chicken to go to any of the activities by myself, so I usually only go when my friend Whitney, or Callie go. Today I found the courage to go by myself. So I hopped in the car and drove to the church, where we were meeting to receive further instruction on our activity. I met a nice girl, probably a few years older than me, we had a nice chat, while trying to stay warm (we were outside). Then she went inside for something and I found my friend Maggie. So I went over and talked with her and her roommates. Finally, we were told to go to a church in Murry where we would get maps of the neighborhood so we could go pick up food for the Utah Food Bank. So I rode out to Murry with Maggie and her roommates. Once we got to the church, I had a nice chat with Maggie, and some other people. We then realized, that because one of Maggie's roommates just met us at the Murray Church, there was no longer enough room for all of us to ride together to pick up the food. I eventually found Michelle and Mike, both friends of Whitney's, I had met both previously so I was okay with joining with them. Well we didn't get a route so we had to join with another group. So we joined with a group of 3 others, so there was 6 people in total. We walked outside to the car we would be taking, a Cadillac Escalade. There was, of course, three rows of seats, so 2 people to a row. Somehow I ended up in the front this happened, I'm not sure. I would've been fine riding in the back. Anyways, I get in the front seat, and Jeremy (the guy driving) handed me the map that we were supposed to follow, so I could help navigate. Well, we both had to be looking at the map, so I was of course more towards the middle (the divider between us) and all of the sudden Jeremy is singing to the song that is on the radio, it was either Taylor Swift, or Lady Antebellum...anyways, while singing, and driving he suddenly starts rubbing my MASSAGING it!! In my head I was FA-REAKING out!! I didn't know what to do, it's not like I could've moved a whole lot, I had already scooted back closer to the door. Luckily he only had his hand on my shoulder for a few seconds, but stil AWKWARD!! My life is never awkward, but tonight, tonight it was taken to a whole new level.

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