Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There's a blizzard a comin'

Did ya hear? I'm sure ya did, because ya'll probably live in Utah. But just for my future, there's a blizzard a comin'! In fact it's practically already here! I've just been sittin' in my dad' chair in our living, recovering from surgery watching as the storm blows in. Let me tell you, it's been crazy to watch the storm clouds just move by so fast. Yes, I did have surgery today. You see, for the past week and half or so I have been having a lot of pain. My mom took me to the ER on Tuesday the 16th to see what was causing me so much pain. We were scared that it was ovarian cysts again, since I had one back in May and the pain was in about the same area. After some pain medicine, two ultrasounds, and lots of waiting we were informed that I had kidney stones. I was sent home with some pain medicine and told to watch and see if they passed. By Friday I was in the same amount of pain, if not worse. My mom called a urologist to schedule me an appointment for this week, but we ended up going in to see the doctor just two hours later. After describing my symptoms the doctor said I did in fact have the text book symptoms of kidney stones so he sent me upstairs (I was just at the hospital clinics..) to get a CT scan to see if they could see how big it was, where it was, and if I would need surgery. After pulling some strings and quickly getting me into the CT I walked back down to the doctors office, and was informed, within a few minutes, that they had received the results. So I went back and the doctor looked at me and said, "Wow, this is a big one." The CT scan showed that the was 13 millimeters big, too big for me to pass on my own, so surgery was in fact needed. They had me go get an x-ray done so the could see it just a bit better or something. Again, the results were back fast, this time informing me that the stone was actually 17 millimeters big, and I had another one that was 8 millimeters. So that brings us to today, I went into the hospital at 9:30, and at 12 I was rolled off to the OR for a lithotripsy. For those of you who don't know, a lithotrispy is a fancy way for doctors to say that they will blast me with sound waves to break up the stones. I can't tell you the exact procedure since I was completely put under. But I can tell you this, the shockwaves had to go through water, so I was laying on this bed, that had a plastic..rubber...water bed type circle in the middle of it. It was really part water bed, part normal bed. Weird. Anyways, I'm doing fine, not in too much pain. Glad to have it over with, it was my first surgery so I was for sure nervous! I'm going to go enjoy watching the blizzard now, it's almost here!!!

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  1. Glad you were able to get fixed up! We'll be praying that all continues to go well.