Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Will Get A Sentimental Feeling...

The Festival of Trees. I love it, every year I go, it seems to be a little bit more amazing. The creativity of the trees is astounding. I was walking through last night with my cousin Kim and I said "You know, it would be fun to make a tree, but I don't think I could..." My creative juices would fall short.. This year was a little more special to me; I had three trees that I knew I had to see, to spend some time by, I was on a mission to see these trees, and let me tell you; nothing and no one was going to stop me from it!
The trees that I wanted to see so badly were donated in memory of Kristen Kirton , my dear sweet cousin. Each tree was so very different from the rest, but each tree represented her in a way that the other tree didn't. Per request of my aunt, here are some pictures that I snapped of Kristen's Trees.

The first one, donated by her sister Kamie-
"She is Our Angel"

--- Oh look, I found Kamie volunteering!!

The second one was donated by the young women of my aunt's ward-
"Our Gift"

And the final tree, the one that touched me the most, donated by my Aunt Polly-
"Braver Than You Believe"

Click on the picture to read the text of the paper!
Aunt Polly and Kamie


  1. Nice pictures Jana! except the last one. You know I don't do pictures.
    I think this should be the week we stop off at World Market and pick up our Pink Peppermint Pig. I wonder if one will be enough. We'll have to look at them and decide. I googled peppermint pig and found some interesting things.

  2. Thanks Jana! It was so fun to be a part of.