Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my cousins birthday.
My cousin Doug.
We didn't grow up together,
in fact, I didn't know him much at all.
A few years ago, I was talking to him
on Facebook,
and that changed our relationship (in my mind).
I was starting my senior year of High School
and I felt like there was no one around that I could talk to.
I was scared to start school, I didn't feel I had a lot of friends,
and I wanted to meet new people, but that was
always terrifying to me.
I was talking to Doug about all of this,
and he said some things, that got me through my senior year of high school.
He was the only visitor I had in Ephraim,
when I went to school,
besides my immediate family.
It was a surprise visit,
and I was ecstatic!
Like hyperventilating ecstatic.
He got married almost a year ago,
and I love his wife so much!
We don't see each other much,
but that doesn't change much.
I still feel that he is one of my favorite cousins,
and because of that one night, where he
helped me through so much
it is only to be expected.
I don't think he knows how much he helped me
by simply taking the time to talk to me,
but it meant the world.
Happy Birthday Doug!!
I love you!

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