Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo Business...

Pro's and Con's.
If you know me at all
Gilmore Girls.
Pretty much it is the best show ever.
If I learned one thing from watching this show,
it would be the Pro/Con lists are great things.
I always make mental pro/con lists
about everything.
Rarely do I write them down.
This is a little different.
A little more important.
And it isn't really a pro/con list
more a list of my thoughts
on the subject.
My dear friend McKell
believes that I should start a photo business this summer.
That would seriously be my ideal job,
besides of course teaching.
There are just so many things to take into consideration.
For example;
Everyone and their pet dog's are starting photo businesses,
what separates me from the rest of them?
I always wonder if I really am talented enough
to even make it worth it.
I don't have all the fancy equipment.
Not even close
I have one camera, two lenses.
I don't have a fancy editing program,
I have access to one,
but I like my pictures they way they
come out of the camera.
Rarely do I edit pictures,
except for coloring.
Would that draw people in,
or push them away?
I'm terrible at telling people what to do.
So photo shoots are kinda funny,
because I just tell people to pose how they want to.
That probably wouldn't work well
if I started a business.
Would having a business make me hate photography?
Would it become more of a chore,
than a hobby?
Would I even have any business?
These are all thoughts that I have
whenever I think about a photo business.
They're all negative.
But then, when I think about it
with less perspective on the business end,
I remember how much fun I have when I am out
I see the pictures I have taken for people
and say.. those actually aren't all that bad.
I take pride in the fact that I don't
do much editing.
We've gone from a time when you had
so editing wasn't done.
To a time when that is all that is done.
Every picture anyone takes
has to be edited.
Why not just leave it as it is.
My cousin offered to give me photoshop.
I was thrilled
for a moment.
Then I started thinking,
that would change the look of my pictures.
I like them the way they are.
Why can't they just be plain and simple.
So who knows..
by the end of the summer
I may have myself a photo business,
or I may not.

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  1. I say go for it if that is what you want to do.