Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'd really like to know a few things.

  • Can being around certain people cause headaches, like can the two really go hand in hand? 
  • Can you honestly tell someone, nicely, that they're annoying?
  • How can you be friends with people for so long, I'm talking almost your entire life-time before you realize how different you are, and that you can't, for the life of you stand said person?
  • People seem to always say ice cream is the cure for everything, even if ice cream makes you sick.  How can something that makes you sick cure you?
  • Silence is golden, why is my music always playing? (I go crazy without some tunes...or chatter)
This last thought, it really just my opinion, and something that is on my brain. Heck, maybe I'll just share a story.

During my time at Snow College, my roommates and I did some pretty strange things.  Not like creepy strange, just out of the norm strange.  One that has stuck though, is oatmeal.  We always ate "midnight" snacks.  Mostly because we stayed up so late that 4 meals a day was a necessity.  At one point Courtney and I both discovered that oatmeal was the perfect midnight snack.  Microwave Oatmeal, not the stove-top kind. Rip open a package, pop it in the microwave with some water for a good minute and a half, and wa-la a great meal!  We soon found that it made for an even better snack because it was easily portable. Yes, portable.  At about midnight, almost every night, Courtney and I would make ourselves a bowl of oatmeal, we would then proceed to take our oatmeal and head out the door for a walk.  We would walk the entirety of our apartment complex, sometimes multiple times.  Occasionally we (Courtney) would receive semi-creepy texts from our neighbor asking if we were taking our walk again because he had seen our feet go past their window.  Anyways,  I digress.  Oatmeal became our "ice cream".  It was the perfect cure all, and allowed for us to get in some much needed talks, and offered an escape.  To this day, only a year or so later, we still say we need to have oatmeal talks.  So my dear friends, go make yourself a bowl of instant oatmeal, and have a nice chat with a close friend. It makes a world of difference.  I can't explain it coherently, but it does.

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